Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Route 15

On my road trip home for Easter, I made an attempt to record the odd landmarks situated along Rt. 15.

Clearly it will take several trips to get all the shots. Between a late start (due to stopping to get both our families Krispy Kremes before we left), rain and the windshield wipers of Aaron's Jeep being smack dab in the center of his windshield....the pictures didn't turn out so hot.

You may wonder what landmarks may be along this road. I have two examples.

Clyde Peeling's Reptileland - Reptileland boasts not only cold blooded creatures galore... but an in-house Subway. Goodness knows what creepy crawlies may be on display in this exhibit... but would you really want to eat a salami sub that close to them?

Bechtel's Restaurant - There used to be a dairy back home that had a cow like this out front, so this evokes fond memories for me. Kids used to dress it up for the holidays. Then someone stole it. It would make one heck of a lawn ornament.

These should give you an idea of what we are dealing with here. I have to go home in May for a wedding... so hopefully I will get more pictures and a website will follow.

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