Sunday, May 6, 2001

Birthday Week

Thanks to my good friend Kristen, I have adopted her practice of "Birthday Week". A birthday is much too important to be narrowed down to just one day. From her I learned that the celebration begins a week before the actual birthday. Each day you get a special treat...a little gift, a movie, a foot rub...all leading up to the grande finale, the birthday. (Usually it is a significant other that is assigned the task of carrying out Birthday Week)

Birthday Week started off with a bang on Friday. So far I have gotten the "Return to Me" soundtrack, a bar of Dirty Girl soap and "A Bad Girls Guide to the Open Road" handbook. And I have been "right" a lot. (birthday girls are always right) I love Birthday Week.

I guess it would actually be "Birthweek".


Wedding #2 was lovely. There were lilacs everywhere...the church and reception hall smelled sweet with them.

Best part....the groom is well known for strumming his guitar as a church youth group leader. At the wedding he planned to perform a few numbers. Little did he know, the bride had replaced his old guitar with her wedding present to him... a shiny new Taylor he has had his eye on for years.

Brides sometimes get a little teary eyed on their wedding day. This time the groom was pretty choked up too.

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