Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Several things to note:

* I found another blog that links to me, Sara at I think she likes Ewan McGregor. I dunno, just a guess.

* A big thank you to squibnocket for the cute bunny birthday e-card. Bunnies are good for any occasion.

* I read an interesting post on Panties in a Bunch. Yesterday, she posted "I'm so jealous of this girl".... and linked to me. When I read it, I sort of glanced around me wondering..."whaaaa?".

I can list any number of reasons why one would not want to be me.

1. I walk like a duck
2. My hair is curly in the back...stick straight in the front (how messed up is that?!)
3. I get car sick
4. I am harrassed by my apartment work crew
5. I get a lot of junk mail
6. I am extremely near sighted
7. Apparently my wisdom teeth need to come out
8. I am harrased by my little sister
9. No one sends me email (very much)
10. Birds keep pooping on my balcony

See! There is nothing to be jealous of.

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