Tuesday, June 12, 2001


I got my hair cut considerably shorter on Friday. I thought it would be nice for summer. Then I will start the growing process again in the fall.

I didn't mention it until now, because it has been sort of a non-event. A good chunk was taken off, but typically folks don't notice it until they have been talking to me for about half an hour...on average.


I decided since I turned 28 last month I need to get serious about wrinkles. Only two years until the big three-oh and I'm not getting any younger.

So I went and got a moisturizer with SPF 15 sunblock in it. It smells like sunblock. As I sit at my computer I *sneef sneef* can smell it. Makes me think I should be on the beach, not under harsh fluorescent lights.

But then that is what will keep my skin looking smooth and youthful is it not?

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