Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Martha Martha Martha

I don't have a baby and I'm not planning a wedding, yet I always feel compelled to buy the Martha Stewart Weddings and Baby issues. "I might need them someday!" I think.

Now she has the Kids issue. I have been scouring the news stands for it. I don't have a child, but it might be invaluable for when I have one...someday. Or maybe there will be something for Hannah in it. I invent excuses to purchase this newest bit of Martha wisdom. (Actually I would probably enjoy the kid stuff myself)

Is Martha piping subliminal messages onto her cakes? Why does she have such a hold on me? I also need to go to Kmart to check out her "Keeping" products. It's all the stuff you need for organizing. And goodness knows I love stuff to put stuff in.

Any thing that has the pull to make me stray from my beloved Target must have some merit.

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