Monday, July 30, 2001


I do not have two goldfish. I have two piggys disquised as goldfish. They want to eat all the time! Piggy-fish!

I am not talking about a little nibble at the surface of the water when I pick up their shaker of food. I mean they splash and scramble and roll over one another bumping up against the glass when I merely walk by their bowl.

Smack smack smack, I can hear them sucking at the surface of the water as they gobble down their food and swim in circles looking for more. I don't think I can convey the level of frenzy that occurs when they see me peering into the bowl.

I thought fish were supposed to be calming and docile creatures. Mine are like wolves in a pit. I am convinced they are going to jump out and latch on to my hand next.

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