Friday, July 13, 2001

I couldn't sleep last night.

With our new cubicle arrangement, there are spots where four walls meet, but don't touch, creating a hole in the center. Tina knocked her Spiderman Pez Dispenser into this hole.

There has to be a way to get him out. I can't stand that he is down there. I am determined to get him out. Until I do... sleepless nights.

The problem is, he fell vertically, and when he hit bottom he somehow landed horizontally and got his head wedged beneath the edge of the wall. Now when I stick a dowel rod down there with poster putty on the tip, I can't get him out. I have lost several wads of poster putty.

I tried getting at him from beneath, but our filing cabinets (attached to the walls) are on each side. And no, we can't get the walls apart. You have to be a trained cublicle wall technician to disasemble these walls.

Poor Spidey. Yes, one would think of all people Spidey would be able to get himself out of there, but clearly he is weak and tired.

Tina suggested we throw down some food for him.

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