Monday, July 9, 2001

Saturday, July 7, 2001

What is there to do when it is rainy and dreary out? Shopping! There were lots of post Fourth of July sales. Stores are getting rid of their summer stuff. Target is even putting out their Back to School Supplies. Boy, that sucks if you are a kid. No one needs to be reminded of back to school in the middle of their summer vacation.

I got a couple goodies... at Target I got a Hello Kitty Fourth of July watch for $2 and I finally sucumbed to Martha's Siren-like call and went to see the "Keeping" stuff at K-mart. Each aisle was more delightful than the last. I narrowed my purchases to one apothecary jar, one food container and a box of matches. Yes! Martha matches! They come in a box striped with those "Martha" colors. Even the tips are that patented Martha robin egg blue. Ahhhhh. I even let Aaron use them to light the bbq grill.

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of other things to do on a rainy day other than shopping. Top Ten Activities for a Rainy Day.


Aaron and I were in Shifty's today and lo they were having their 40% off sale. Yes, we each walked out with a snowboard. I got a Burton Troop and he got a Burton Canyon. Mine is green with an anime-type girl throwing death stars on it. Kewl.

It's a hard thing to buy a snowboard in the middle of July. It felt strange, but I am sure when the first snowflake falls we will be glad.

Ah yes. Only five or six more months.

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