Thursday, July 5, 2001

Tuckered Out

Boy am I pooped. I am more pooped from a day off work than from a day of work.

It's that burny eyed, dry mouth, spent the day at an amusement park wet, driving in home in the car tired kind of feeling.

Yesterday was great. After Aaron had so kindy staked out a spot at the park in the morning, fifteen of us came along and plopped down for an Independence Day picnic.( I heard that the term "picnic" was somehow politically incorrect...must look into that.)

The fact that we alternated between chowing down and participating in such rigorous activties as Bocce Ball, Badmitton and Frisbee, may be the cause of our exhaustion. Being out late after watching fireworks probably added to the poopedness also.

I am just glad I had the opportunity to make my American Flag Jello Mold my mom got me. Isn't it glorious? Pretty tasty too. It's not a holiday without Jay-Eee-El-El-Oh!

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