Monday, September 24, 2001


Despite feeling cruddy yesterday, Aaron and I went to the Sarah Harmer concert with Abby last night. Even though it started an hour and a half late and my feet/legs/back were killing me from standing... it was pretty good. I thought her opener, Sarah Slean was especially entertaining. If only it weren't for the crowd invading my 18 inches of personal space.


I am chock full of apples now. Aaron and I went apple picking with Joel, Lara and Hannah. When I came to the realization that you didn't have to pay for any you ate in the orchard after the wagon dropped you off, I was determined to sample each variety of apple. I had a harrowing experience of balancing atop Aaron's shoulders to reach the top branches of untouched apples. As a result we had a bucketful of Cortlands, Galas and McIntosh. I ate several of each kind. Thank goodness they didn't weigh me before and after.


I spent all last night and all today pulling everything from my closets. I started at one end of my apartment and went over it inch by inch searching for places where a hamster might be. I strategically placed plates of favorite seeds on the floor. No sign of P.

The only possibility is that she slipped in through a small space on the side of the front panel of my dishwasher (that I had never noticed before) and from there gained access to the floor boards. In which case she made a run for it and is now footloose and fancy free. *sniff*

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