Sunday, October 7, 2001


After eating several pounds of apples in record breaking time, we were ready to go apple picking again today. Apples go especially quick when you slice them up, cover them with brown sugar and cinnamon and bake them.

We met Joel, Lara and Hannah at the orchard and hopped on the wagon again to head out to the day's pickin' trees. This time we were picking a little later in the day and were almost left out in the orchard. Thankfully we were picked up by the wagon making it's final sweep.

Clever things said by Hannah: #1 "How much of your sandwich did you eat today Hannah?" "Ahhhh... plenty!" #2 "How much of your applesauce did you eat?" "Ummm... this much." (indicates the amount between her forefinger and thumb) Heh heh.

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