Thursday, October 11, 2001

Scent Ball

We (the EAT team... employee activities, yes it repeats, we know) just bought a Scent Ball for Spa Day. Ah... let me back the truck up here.

Next Tuesday we are having a Spa Day at work. The largest conference room is scheduled for the event. There will be hand treatments (parafin wax. salt scrub, lotions), a head tingler (ahhh head tingler), soothing Enya-like music, water fountains, two professional masseuses giving five minute massages, fresh fruit, and aromatherapy. Hence the need for the Scent Ball. You drip aromatic oil on cotton strips and insert them into the Scent Ball. When you plug it in it miraculously emits the aroma (it heats up).

We found it on sale at the Body Shop. The oil we got is Pumpkin Nectarine.I tested it out in a smaller meeting room. Pumpkin Nectarine is wonderful. I wanted to eat the cotton strip. I now have to go back and get one for my apartment.

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