Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Mikey J

For some unknown reason, Aaron really likes Michael Jackson. Mikey J, he calls him. He freely admits the guy is a freak of nature, yet he is all set to watch the MJ special on tv tonight.

We all liked MJ at some point. But then... and I can't even pinpoint exactly when it happened, then he got WEIRD. Why does he look like that?!

People usually snicker when I tell them Aaron still likes him. But I have also noticed that no matter how much they make fun, when one of his songs come on the radio they all start tapping their feet. Recently Alien Ant Farm used "Smooth Criminal" and Moby remixed "Beat It". Is he having some sort of resurgence?

Freakish or not, I imagine that is what I will be forced to watch on tv tonight.

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