Thursday, February 21, 2002

ho hum

Boy, was I in a crummy mood yesterday. My boots were hurting my feet, a button popped off my coat and I had packed a boring lunch. Add to that... Joel is gone for two weeks on a paternity leave disguised as a vacation, Tina is still in Salt Lake City (and I wish I could be at the Olympic award ceremonies with her and Chuck, they look so exciting on TV) and it has been raining and dreary all week. Nothing severe I know, but enough to render me cranky.

Aaron thinks I have SAD.. seasonal affective disorder. I told him my boots were too tight... I wasn't suicidal for pete's sake. Besides, everyone is allowed to have poopy days right?

Today, I have on really comfy sneakers and corduroys, my button is sewn back on, and I have leftover chicken fajitas for lunch. So far so good. Tina and Joel are still gone and it sure is raining, but this weekend I am going to a secret jammy jam party, the office is going ice skating, and tonight I am going to see another Oscar nominated movie. I feel a little better.

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