Wednesday, February 13, 2002


The Oscar nominees are out! An interesting mix of films I think. I went to the web site and printed them out yesterday afternoon. I even made a list of the movies I need to see in order to see everything that is nominated in one way or another. I do everything but film shorts and animations. Some foreign films are hard to track down too.

Things that ran through my mind... "Good thing I saw Gosford Park this weekend.," "Dang... should have seen Sexy Beast at the Toronto Film Festival"" Uggh... am I really going to have to see Vanilla Sky?"

I actually didn't do too bad this year. I only have a few movies to rent or go see. Thank goodness for The Little Theatre, they run most of the "not widely released" films that end up at the Oscars. I really become quite determined to see all the movies. Soon it will be time for my Third Annual Oscars Party when the Oscars air on March 24. Forget Spagos... I am sure the stars will be swinging by my place after the show for pigs in a blanket.

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