Tuesday, February 19, 2002


A news report came on during lunch about Turkey Spam. Now I admit I have had regular Spam in the past. Fried, in a sandwhich, Spam salad... it was ok I guess... if you don't have regualar meat around, I suppose. I hear it's a delicacy in Hawaii.

Anyhow... I don't remember it looking anything like this Turkey Spam. The Turkey Spam was a pale slimey block that slid out of the can and hit the plate quivering with a sigh. "Gooooooo!" was the sound that went around the lunch table. It was truly revolting.

Inspired by this vision I went to the Spam website. Despite the memories of the shivering meat I found there were many good things to be had on the website. The Spam museum, Spam fanclub, Spam e-cards and an online store. I don't know if I could bear a Spam coffee mug though. The thought of liquid spam in the morning... guhhhh.

Perhaps the best thing I learned about Spam is that there is a Spammobile. It travels around and serves samples of Spam. Some of you may remember my quest for the Oscar Meyer Weeniemobile. Clearly I need to drive on the highway more.

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