Wednesday, May 29, 2002

House Snooping

I saw in the paper the local Landmark Society is having a Browncroft Home and Garden Tour this weekend. I was ready to get the tickets immediately. When I mentioned it to Tina she scrunched up her nose. I admit it sounds very domesicated and fuddy duddy like... but I can't wait to go look at these houses.

I thought it might be from now owning a house myself... but I have always enjoyed going to open houses and I liked my elective architecture class in grad school a lot.

And it's not only that... call it voyeristic... but I am immensely curious to see inside these houses I drive by everyday. Not only to get ideas for my own home and garden... but I just want to see what they are like inside. Is it the admiration of woodwork, envy of decorating abilities or seeing inside the lives of people I don't know? I can't quite explain it. I wonder if I am just a creepy person.

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