Monday, May 27, 2002

Recent Developments

After much fretting and watering, the first sign of seedlings have appeared. The peas I planted last week have popped up out of the soil. I did a lttle dance when I saw them.

One of my peony bushes has also bloomed it's first flower. I was worried it wasn't going to. While my family was looking at the plant, I flicked an ant off the bud. Everyone crowed "Stop!" Apparently peonies need ants to crawl over the buds to make them bloom. Who knew? The nasty little ants have a purpose in life.

Speaking of cute critters turned pesky.. as of late I have been amused by the antics of two squirrels in my backyard. They drink water out of my tulips and run along the fence. One is pictured here eating a toadstool. Last night however, they chewed holes in my mulch bags and then dug holes in my pansy pots! They better watch their step... they don't want to incite my wrath... ask the ants.

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