Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Interesting links found on other blogs

Cork Dolls from Currently

Kataoka Mamiko creates tiny little dolls from cork using "screws, nails, pins, and every possible thing for creation". Kataoka collaborates with Sakano Jun ,who takes photographs of the cork dolls. Together they have created a series of " The Cork Dolls " work.

I love the little environments they put the dolls in and the lighting/color is great. My favorite is these two little cork bunnies.

Smuggling KinderEggs from Not Martha

I figured the reason why we didn't have KinderEggs in the states is due to child safety laws.

I first became addicted to the lttle toys when Aaron brought me some home from his Med Cruise. I always buy a few when I am in Canada. I take out the toy and throw away the chocolate.

I have a couple spinning toys like Megan... but my favorite is a little orange nearsighted airplane that sits on the corner of my computer monitor. The Yogi Bear and Park Ranger next to him are close seconds. It really is amazing how they manage to cram these detailed little toys in to those eggs. And I have never swallowed one accidentally.

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