Wednesday, July 3, 2002


It started with one small Brownie Camera a friend gave me as a prize to a little contest. Then I saw another old Kodak camera at an antique store for a couple dollars. I started buying them when I saw them 'cause I thought it was amusing considering where I work.

Now I have about twenty cameras in my collection. My latest aquisitions I can attribute to my mom who has an amazing knack for finding them at yard sales. She even found a whole package of the blue flash bulbs to go in my flash units. She called to tell me she just found me a Baby Brownie with box and all.

I am officially immersed in researching and tracking my little collection, printing out pictures for my mom so she knows what I already have. At least I am not the only one amassing kodak paraphenalia... check out kodak girl... found via scrubbles.

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