Wednesday, July 31, 2002

In a pickle

Taking Squib's suggestion regarding my excess of cucumbers, Aaron and I made pickles last night. I found a refrigerator pickle recipe in my grandmothers church recipe book.

Picture #1... the cucumbers await their fate. #2... I thought it would be terribly clever to use the potato twister that my mom gave me (because she never used it) to cut a few of the cucumbers. The pickles would be spiral! How cool! I prepped the victim, plugged in the machine, turned it on... nothing! It doesn't work! It's broke. I called my mom and she said "Dunno". Oh... the disapointment.

Picture #3... we cut the cukes the old fashioned way. #4... started filling the jars. Thought we would have two or three jars worth of pickles... filled six. #4... mixed pickle juice.. white vinegar, sugar, mustard seed, celery seed, salt and tumeric. #5... added pickle juice to the jars and...

Picture #6... finished. Six jars of pickles with fancy savory mason jar lids I had saved for just such an occasion. Am hoping pickles turn out better than the runny jam.

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