Friday, September 13, 2002

No soup for you!

One day at lunch Tina and I had to run to Target, so while we were there we grabbed lunch. On a whim I got the soup and a soft pretzel. It was just Campbell's Broccoli and Cheese soup but it was DELICIOUS! I bought a can of it at the grocery store and it was nothing like it!

I found myself finding reasons to go to Target to get the soup. Much to my dismay it was often sold out! I thought to myself, this is ridiculous.. this is just soup! At Target's snack bar for petes sake! Aaron finally asked them about the soup and the kindly lady told us it was "restaurant style" Broccoli Cheese Restaurant Soup and even went back to the freezer to fetch a pack to show us. It looked like the picture here with the two sections. Then she told us of a food service supplier in town where we could get it! It closes at 5 so I haven't gotten a chance to get my precious soup! Occasionally at home I fall to my knees crying "SOOOOOOUP!!! Wahhhhhh"

It's out of control. I think of it often. Even the spiffy new Campbell's Soup at Hand is not enough to satisfy me.

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