Friday, October 25, 2002

Alice Cooper

I have coined a new term. "You are such an Alice Cooper". It all began last week at TCBY when Aaron began to explain how some red marks on a baby's face can be broken capillaries (or something like that, I wasn't really listening) and we noticed that when he starts spewing these "factoids" he takes on an authoratative Tom Brokawish tone of voice and gestures meaningfully. This led to the realization that he gives out these tidbits of odd information quite frequently.

I think it is the result of too much PBS and issues of Popular Science. How does this relate to Alice Cooper? Well, remember in Wayne's World , when Wayne and Garth go backstage to party with Alice and instead Alice says things like "Did you know that the word Milwaukee is actually derived from the Native American word mil-a-wah-ke-he meaning canoe or to paddle?" (or something like that) This is just like Aaron. You can be driving along listening to the radio chatting and as you pass railroad tracks, suddenly he will say, authoratativly, "Did you know that the railroads had to continue paying caboosemen until they died because of a union agreement even though they didn't need them?" I kid you not. Alice Cooper.

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