Sunday, November 3, 2002

All Gone

I found a lot of great post-Halloween deals... but on some things, I missed out. Like the light bright style pegs for pumpkins I wanted were all gone.

But even worse than this... we couldn't find any more SnackyJacks. When we went pumpkin picking, Tina got a little round pumpkin called a SnackJack. I like to call them SnackyJacks. The sign said they had excellent seeds for roasting. (This hybrid produces edible (non-hulled) seeds just right for roasting as a delicious snack. Compact semi-bush plants produce deep orange, charming little fruit. Snackjack is shallowly ribbed and weighs a little over 2 pounds at maturity.)

Boy were they right! The seeds were green and didn't seem to have a shell. Roasted... they were like eating shelled sunflower seeds. We went back and bought nine more. When those seeds were roasted and gone, Aaron went back to buy up the rest... but the pumpkin people had packed up and left.

The thought of no more SnackyJack seeds for a year is a little daunting. I could barely bring myself to tell Tina that the pumpkin people were gone. I saved a few fresh seeds and want to find out what to do with them to plant them in the spring for our own SnackyJack harvest.

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