Friday, November 1, 2002

Trick or Treat

I didn't feel like dressing as Martha to hand out candy (too frightening!) but I wanted to look festive, so I got these socks at Target. They have the individual toes! And the bat eyes glow in the dark. One kid said "Lady...there is something on your toe!"

I got an overwhelming amount of Trick or Treaters last night. We went through four bags of candy and Aaron had to run out for more. Three little girls coming up the walk said "Who's gonna give us our candy?" when they saw him heading for the car. I was pretty scared of running out while he was gone. I started searching the cupboards for packets of crackers and packs of gum. I thought I would have to start handing out cotton balls and paper clips. But Aaron made it back with six more bags of candy just in time. We used up just about all of them. I lost count of the kids that came to the door.

The kids were really funny. We had set up the fog machine, black light and spooky sounds cd right inside the door. Kids would crane their necks and even nudge Aaron aside to try and see in.

One kid tapped a box of Sweet Tarts and asked "Just how many Sweet Tarts are in here?".Another dressed as Batman said "Batman thanks you for your continued loyalty and support" before swooping back down the steps.

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