Monday, January 20, 2003


Last week when I went for a facial, it was on a heated table with a hot water bottle placed at my feet. I was quite toasty under the blankets with my tosies rubbing the hot water bottle. I thought it might be nice to put a hot water bottle at the bottom of my bed, seeing as how it has been so cold lately. Sliding into my icy bed can be a shock. I try shoving Oscar under the covers to warm up it up, but if he isn't sleepy he'll have no part of it.

I have a hot water bottle shaped like a fish, but it isn't very big. I found some cool ones online, like this heart shaped one. Fashion Hot carries hot water bottles with Andy Warhol prints on them, transparent ones with plastic fish floating inside, and stuffed animal covers. Martha sells different sized bottles and linen covers for on them. Making a cover might be a nice project like this ribbon and felt cover or this really nice knitted cover. When I get around to learning to knit this year, I really want to make this one. I love it's little turtle neck.

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