Sunday, March 9, 2003

More on ice cream

After writing about the Indiscretion Ice Cream yesterday, I had a major hankering for the stuff. A trip to Wegmans and I ended up with a tub of "Sweet Revenge". Tis good.

Remember when I wrote about cooking with lava? Look what happens when scientists make ice cream. I can see the cookbook now... "Nerdlings in the Kitchen".

Those scientists should have known that the ice cream of the future is already here... and it's called Dippin' Dots. I never understood how those little balls of ice cream were so futuristic. If I had my choice, I'd like to go to a Coldstone Creamery where they blend your choice of mix-ins into your ice cream on cold marble slab. Yum yum. Thank goodness I'm not lactose intolerant!

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