Wednesday, March 5, 2003

"Ciao! Zooooom!"

Someone wants me to have a Vespa. I can just feel it. I was at Target and there was a big display calling out "Win a Vespa!". So I filled out an entry form. Right after, I was at Starbucks and if you get a coffee card, you're entered to win a Vespa. I got a coffee card immediately.

I can just see me... scooting here... scooting there. Earlier this year I tried to divert Aaron's desire for a motorcycle with the idea of a scooter. There is a scooter shop down the street from me, but they don't have Vespas... Vespas like the one Audrey Hepburn rides in "Roman Holiday" *sigh* Between the Target Vespa contest and the Starbucks Vespa contest I should have a Vespa zipping it's way to me soon. (((positive thoughts)))

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