Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Bow Wow

Have I mentioned that Oscar can talk? Well sort of. Two weeks ago I was at Tina's house with Oscar. Tina was in the other room, while I sat in the living room with Chuck and Oscar. Now sometimes when Oscar yawns he makes a noise like "Rowwwwl!" Well, that night he looked at us, opened his mouth and said "Hehhhh-lowwww!" I swear, clear as day he said "hello"... Chuck will back me up on this. I have been saying it to him since but haven't gotten a repeat performance. Aaron said when he has said "father" let him know.

Until then, perhaps I could use the Bowlingual Collar. This collar analyzes your dog's barks and translates them into sayings. They are now available for sale. I imagine Oscar would mostly be saying "A treat would be nice right about now... pip pip!"

Speaking of dogs, check out these great links.... Oliver Daily and Pets with Heads in Bags of Food... both via Krisalis. I think the Oliver pictures are wonderful, the scenery impressive and the pup photogenic. As for the second link, well... can we really blame them?

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