Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Low Technology

Aaron likes to call me "Low Tech". He thinks it's really funny that I work on a computer all day, I enjoy messing with electronic gadgets... handspring, cell phone, digital camera, yet I prefer to use a wind up egg timer rather than the electronic timer on the microwave. This goes for several things... I will use a chopper instead of the food processor, an egg beater before the hand mixer and a broom rather than the vacuum.

Seeing as how it is up to me to mow the grass this summer, I decided I didn't want to use the gas mower. Last week I went to Lowes and bought a push mower. It works great! Sure it's more work, but I pay good money at the gym for a workout like that. And Oscar can be in the yard with me while I mow. While there are many good reasons to use a push mower, I think it may be the noise. All these machines make a loud noise.

Not that this means that I don't still want the pink Kitchen Aid Mixer mind you.

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