Saturday, July 12, 2003

Bird Dog

Oscar proved his carnivorous side this morning when I caught him mauling a dead bird in the backyard. I was horrified. I wasn't prepared for this. How could this cute pup mangle and eat a birdie? I mean, he eats meat dog food, but that's like... cooked, right? Ughhhh. I had to shoo him away and pick the bird up with two sticks and toss it over the fence.

He looks at me innocently now, sitting in a cardboard box. I fear he is eyeing Louie the parakeet thinking... "Mmmm, I wonder if you are as tasty." Killer! I am being hypocritical... I had chicken shish kabobs for supper. But at least I didn't roll around with the chicken in the grass before it hit the grill! And if I had I wouldn't enjoy it like he did!


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