Thursday, July 24, 2003

Closet Dreams

When Aaron left last January I made a big list of to do things on a white board to keep me busy 'til he came home. Well now he is coming home five months early and I am scrambling to finish. One of my to do's was to organize my closet. I decided I wanted all wooden hangers for my slacks and nice shirts, and white plastic ones for regular shirts and added clippys for skirts. That was the easy part. The hard part is holding up each item and trying to decide if I will ever wear it again or tugging it onto my person to see if it even fits anymore.

Boy, wouldn't I love one of those closets like California Closets. All my stuff laid out before me! And I had a brainstorm, as I so often do, that wouldn't it be cool if you added in your washer, drier and iron. You wouldn't have to haul clothes baskets up and down the stairs. You undress, toss it in the washer, do the wash there, iron it and hang it right up on the rack. I would never leave my bedroom.

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