Monday, July 21, 2003

New Wheels

While Aaron was gone this winter, I drove his Jeep Wrangler and let my Bug stay cozy in the garage. I was exposed to it's roaring loudness, snow and wind blowing through the cracks and brain loosening jiggling on a day to day basis. I have decided that he needs a new car in the near future. Before this winter I only had to deal with it on our seven hour rides home to PA. (one would think that would have been enough to convince me)

I took it upon myself to do some research and I really like the Honda Element. Suicide doors (you can open both the front door and back door and dive right in), rubber floor (who had the bright idea to put carpet in cars anyhow?) and mp3 stereo hook up (good excuse to get an iPod). Oh, and I love it in orange. I think it would make a great car for me...errrr... I mean Aaron.

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