Thursday, July 10, 2003

You gonna keep that?

I'm a bit of a packrat. (Did you know packrats are real animals? I need a picture of one stashing away it's collection of movie ticket stubs) These tendencies really came out this past week as some of the people at work have been packing up their things to move to new cubicles in our area. Tina is moving over to my tri-cube.( Joel *sniff* is moving to the other side of the office. We have sat together for five years! Separation anxiety!)

Anyhow, Tina took this opportunity to throw away some stuff. Everyday I went over and lamented over the perfectly good items she was tossing away. I rescued a few things and guilted her into taking back a few more. "But I GAVE you this pack of crackers! Don't I mean ANYTHING to you? Why don't you just THROW AWAY our friendship!?"

Things came to a head today when I found mini ketchup and mustard bottles Tina dropped off in the lunchroom. They are so cute! How could you toss them with nary a care? Well, she'll be sorry, 'cause I carted them home and found out on eBay they are a SCARCE Heinz saleman sample size! Oh yes, when I am living off my fortune from my mini ketchup bottle sales she'll be sorry!

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