Friday, September 26, 2003

Aaron and I were sitting at the sushi bar for dinner when I noticed a teenage girl had folded her chopstick paper into a little chopstick rest. How had I never seen this before? I spent the rest of the meal trying to copy it, but couldn't get it right.

I was hoping she would leave so I could grab it and dissect it. They ordered more drinks, we ordered more drinks. They got dessert, we got dessert. They would not leave! By the time I polished off my last spoonful of green tea ice cream, I had finally figured it out. I found a dragon pattern for a chopstick paper holder online... must practice... will be prepared next time.

Oh and did you know it's impolite to rub your chopsticks together to get the splinters off? How nice... I have been sawing away with those things for years. I have broken most of the etiquette rules on this page! My mom never told me these things!

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