Saturday, October 11, 2003

Squirrels-6 Me-0

Those stinkin' squirrels! I bought six ears of brightly colored Indian Corn at the pumpkin patch and hung them on my porch railing in a festive manner. Soon I noticed two ears had been eaten clean. I knew it was the squirrels. I had a bout with them this summer when they were taking bites out of my tomatoes. I fixed their wagon by sprinkling hot peppers on the ground around the tomato plants.

This time Aaron got some habenero hot tabasco sauce. He sprayed it on the corn. Friday morning as I was backing out of the driveway, I noticed a squirrel run up, nibble the corn and then run away. Hah! Burnt his little squirrel tongue! Hah hah! I drove off to work laughing manaically. (At this point Greta must be horrified... she loves squirrels... I like 'em too, just not when they are munching on my decor) I thought I had them licked.

This morning when I got up two more ears were bare and two ears had been carried off. Turns out Aaron had watered down the hot sauce. NO! Slather it on full force! No mercy! What do I have to do? Tie Oscar out there all day?!

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