Wednesday, November 5, 2003

This week is the local High Falls Film Festival. This evening we went to see Anything But Love. The cowriter/lead actress, Isabel Rose, said that they were rejected from Toronto Film Festival twice. I thought it was great. Eartha Kitt and Andrew McCarthy were in it. Aaron couldn't remember who Andrew McCarthy was. I said "Remember him in Pretty in Pink?....Less Than Zero?" Aaron - "No... no." "Weekend at Bernies?" "Ahhhh yes!"

At the end while the credits were running, I noticed Isabel Rose crouching on the floor writing something down for an older man. I stopped to tell her that I thought the movie was better than most of the stuff I saw in Toronto. She stood up, looked at me expectantly... I opened my mouth and started to say "Ahhhh" when suddenly at the front someone called.. "and now a word from Isabel!" She looked frantic, said "I gotta go" and dashed away with me standing there going "Ahhhh". Oh well.

The film is opening in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Philadelphia and San Diego... if you are there... try to see it!

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