Monday, April 12, 2004

When Chuck and Tina were over for dinner this week we watched the Kevin James "Sweat the Small Stuff" stand up comedy act. We were howling. Everything he said was so true. Frantically filling out your deposit slip at the bank to beat the other person, getting popcorn kernels stuck in the back of your throat.... ack ack!

I really liked his description of women picking out greeting cards. Only because it was so true for me. I think Tina and I have spend a large percentage of our life standing in front of those racks staring at the selection. It has to be funny... yet touching... but not sappy... oh and cuteness is a big factor. And as much as I love the Martha card kits... a card doesn't seem legit if I have to write the message myself. Many a time I was attracted to a blank card... but writing "Happy Birthday!" inside didn't seem as official as a card with it printed inside.

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