Thursday, May 20, 2004

I have been meaning to post my knitting progress on my project pages.

These are two scarves I finished this winter... multi-colored and green green.

Presently on the needles there is a humane society puppy blanket half finished (my first project) and a new project, an Oscar sweater. Hopefully I will have those done by the first snowflake. I am not the speediest knitter.


  1. I love the green one especially. You & Loobylu have totally inspired me to learn to knit - the only problem now is finding someone local to teach me! (& finding good acrylic & cotton yarn since I can't bear wool.)

  2. With your ability to see things to completion, I think you'll get that puppy blanket done long before Winter!*:)

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I love knitting scarves- I finished two last winter also! One for my sister, and one for the scarf drive at Get Crafty (which is back by the way!). I am glad that I am not alone in not being a speedy knitter! Love the colours in the scarf you made for your friend,


  4. Your knitting is fantastic...and so is your blog.
    I found this link via Sketching Paris.
    I loved the plush links as well...(i am a plush artist). I look forward to visiting often.

  5. i like the multicoloured one but i can see how your green scarf and match your bug. :-) they look really cozy. :-)

  6. Green is such an hot color this season.

  7. Those look awesome! If I could remember how to bind off I'd have finished scarves too, but they're still on the needles! I don't think my family would like to have needles hanging around their necks!

  8. You should go into business selling your crafts. I know I would buy everything you make. Like these cozy scarfs. How much? Really?!?!?!?!