Thursday, June 10, 2004

I have a platform style bed that Aaron made, so I was pretty interested in this Fold Bedding.

"FOLD was created with the modern bed in mind. A series of streamlined wool or linen bedspreads made to tuck in easily around platform beds, or drape beautifully over traditional beds for vintage appeal."

They come in cool colors too!


  1. I can see this as being handy in the daily chore of making up the platform bed. It would shave off lots of time and headache. I have issues with making up any bed, for instance, bunkbeds...I don't own one, but I dread to think of the work involved to get it looking decent.

  2. I saw this advertized in Dwell and almost got one. I opted for one from WestElm instead. Now you are making me re-think my decision !