Thursday, July 1, 2004

It really stinks that this happened to one of my coworkers.

But I gotta say this is one of the funniest things I have seen written on a white board outside of a cubicle in a long time.

The directness, the urgency... the hapless figure observing the puddle of dishwater.

I had to take a phone pic.




  1. All we ever see on our board is dumb quotes. They're actually not dumb, they're inspirational but I'd rather see something like that.

  2. If 3/7 of my workplace were as creative as you and the whiteboard artist, I would be a happy kid.


  3. Sorry that this is off topic (I hope the plumbing crisis that rendered your colleague so nearly mute was resolved satisfactorily), but you know, because of Oscar, I thought you might like to check out the Archie McPhee jester hat:

  4. Aww... you changed your banner/masthead.

  5. That is rather cute depiction of a dishwasher

  6. That disaster happened to me this week too! I'd say the drawn reaction is quite right. :)

    Dishwashers, though an extremely handy applicance, sure do act up a lot!