Saturday, August 7, 2004

Aaron and I scootered down to the Park Ave Fest today. Forget about the stands of fridge magnets and copper butterfly lawn ornaments... I was looking for the festival food.

We had a giant plate of butterfly fries and a mug of Bayou Billy's Homebrew Birch Beer. They also have zippy orange, sassafras and cream soda, all of which I plan on sampling tommorrow with my $1 refillable tin mug. Yum.


  1. how come when i come and visit rochester all i am taken to see are malls and wegmans.

    i love seeing all the great things that you guys get up to around that town. i am making notes for futur especially since i can take the ferry from toronto directly to my grandmothers house.


  2. you guys are always doing fun little things in your area. It encourages me to look for things to do in my hometown. Of course when it's almost 100, you don't want to do many outside stuff.