Monday, August 23, 2004

I was telling Tina about these commercials I saw on TV that encourage people to park further away and walk or to take the stairs for exercise. In each commercial the people are rewarded with cheers and applause when they reach their destination.

I started raising my hands and hopping up and down when we took the stairs at work or walked out to the parking lot. This was usually followed by a sigh of disapointment that I wasn't getting the notoriety the commercials promised.

Today as I was pulling into a parking space at Wegmans... rather far from the entrance, I noticed a sign in front of my car. Did I park in a handicapped space? I squinted and realized it was a reserved space for me! THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR EVERYONE WHO KNOWS THAT A FEW EXTRA STEPS EVERYDAY CAN HELP THEM BE HEALTHY. Hah! I made Tina take a phone picture. Turns out it is all part of the Step Up to Healthy Living Campaign.


  1. I love it...for you...I have to say that doing laundry leaves me out of breath...sad to say but tis true. So enjoy and think of the us breathless ones that take the parking up front with a sense of satisfaction so deep we almost cry. hehehehe

  2. It also prevents dings on your door since there is usually no one parked next to you!

  3. wow! thanks, ljc. i'm excited to join this thing. i've been trying to be healthier lately so this step up site provides a very nice structure for me. thanks for the tip.


  4. That is the coolest sign ever - and I would have taken a photo, too :)

    ~ laura

  5. That's great! I hate it when I see people circling the parking lot and waiting for people to pull out of the nearest spaces when there's plenty of spaces just a bit further out.