Wednesday, August 18, 2004

When I go to Wegmans I hunt all over for the cute little shopping carts. Some people say that they are much too small, but see... I don't like to stack my groceries in the cart, so I actually get the same square footage as a regular cart, just not the volume.

Wegmans also has the gianormous kid carts shaped like trucks for the kids to ride in and the bitty "shopper in training" carts for them to push around.

There aren't any smart carts though. Smart carts scan items as you put them in the cart. They also have directions to items in the store (would a GPS device be overkill?), remember your favorite items from your shoppers card, get your shopping list that you email from home and alert you to specials and sales.

I could also use a Trim Trolley shopping cart. By pushing this cart you get a workout because there is resistance on a large wheel between the two back wheels. Instead of burning 160 calories in 40 minutes, you can burn 280. It also displays your heart rate and how many calories you have burned. It will not however, account for the croissant you picked up in the bakery and ate in the canned food section. Ahem.


  1. That little shopping cart thesis was brilliant. I am all about the smart cart. I would never leave the store. Um, Dear Powers-That-Be at Supertarget, please buy Smart Carts ASAP.

    Geez. I would never leave the store.


  2. I love the little carts too, but the lowest level bin seems to stick out more than the regular carts; thrice I've banged my shins on the lowest basket because I walked too closely to the cart. OUCH!


  3. I love those little shopping carts. We don't have any at my grocery store. We have huge carts with cup holders. We also have those giant carts for the kids. We have some regular cars, some police cars and fire engines. My son is too small for those but I think I'll soon be having to wheel that huge thing around.

  4. My supermarket has the kiddie carts.

  5. People who work in the stores are driven batty by this giant kid carts. Let's say you're pulling a pallet-load of oh, let's say books & mags (ahem). There's one breeder with a cartload of kids blocking one aisle, and another mouth-breather with a gi-normous baby buggy blocking the other side. They're having a chat, so you have to wait. Garrrrhhhhh!

    And those kid size carts? Watch some tot being seriously destructive with one of those someday. That's actually kinda fun.

    -Carolyn J.

  6. My son loves the truck-shaped carts, and it makes shopping a heckuvalot easier/more fun for both of us. And the husband happens to have a part-time grocery stocking position at our local co-op (we get a 20% discount that way)...but before that I had enough common sense to move out of the way for pallet-laden employees. Don't much care for the "breeder" label.

    *grumble grumble*

  7. Speaking of Wegmans I noticed a sign today at Holt Road Wegmans-the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is coming on August 26th! I know that you are interested in the Peepmobile so I thought you would like to know!

  8. We have those little carts at our local Whole Foods and they are wonderful. Usually the basket gets too heavy, but the normal sized shopping carts are too big to easily navigate the people and the narrow aisles.

  9. I don't like the "kid-sized" carts (the ones that are like tiny shopping carts the kids can push). I've been rammed one too many times in the shins by an unattended child careening around the corner of an aisle.

    The great big giant "stroller type" carts don't bother me so much, except when the parents decide to park two side by side in the middle of the aisle so they can talk, effectively blocking traffic.

    But I'm a real grocery shopping curmudgeon. If the town I lived in had Peapod or another grocery order-and-they're-delivered service, I'd be all over that.

  10. Oooo those kiddie carts drive me insane. Mothers who use them don't pay any attention to who they are shoving them into. They're just too big and unwieldy for smaller stores.

    Whole Foods has the little carts...we call them mini-carts and we like them so so so much better. We tend to shop a few times a week to get fresher quality fruits, veggies and meats so we buy in smaller quantities. The little carts are perfect!

  11. I absolutely hate the kiddie carts! Both the huge monstrosity car shaped ones. They take up way too much room in the aisle... you can't get around them. Anyone who uses those are obnoxious, IMO.

    And the small children's sized carts (for them to push around) are just a bad idea. It's so sickening to see how people with kids think they own and have a right to all the space in the free world.

    Remember when you were a kid and you just knew that you were supposed to behave yourself in public.... or else?

    Lazy parenting... that's all you see these days and it's ruined going out in public for the rest of us.