Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today was Oscar's second birthday. Two years ago he came into the world disguised as a small furry sweet potato.

He is having a little party on Saturday with a couple of his friends, but we couldn't let the day go uncelebrated. So Aaron and I made him some homemade peanut butter biscuits and he had one with candles while we sang Happy Birthday.

Pictures of the glorious event.

Recipe here... 1&1/2 cups water, 1/2 cup oil, 2 eggs, 4 tbsp chunky peanut butter, 2 tsp vanilla, 3 cups flour, 1 cup cornmeal and 3/4 cups oatmeal.... blend wet ingredients, add dry ingredients... roll out dough and cut shapes... bake on greased cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 20 minutes... let them cool in the oven to harden. Oscar gave them his seal of approval!


  1. Happy BIrthday to Oscar!!
    He's so adorable.

    -from EmmieM

  2. I didn't realize he was just a baby! Molson, in comparison is an old man of 7! How sweet! We usually get Molson hopped up on catnip for his celebration. It's funny.

  3. Too cute! What a lucky dog.... :)

  4. Ahhh...so cute! Happy Birthday, Oscar!

  5. Very Happy Birthday to Oscar! Is peanut butter his favorite?

  6. Yes, Oscar LOVES peanut butter!

  7. Happy Birthday, Oscar! And thanks for the recipe, Jenny. :) Have you seen the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook?... I am dying to buy it and make some treats for my little Boston Terrier, Herman.

  8. Happy Birthday, Oscar!

    My pugs' birthdays are in Nov (well, Leelah's is in Dec, but is observed in Nov) and I will definately have to try out your cookie recipe. They's be 3!

    Now, please share with us how you got Oscar to wear the hat!

  9. That is absolutely the most adorable dog and photo I have ever seen!

    Happy Birthday, Oscar!

    by the way, your site is delightful! I found the link from Looby Lu.



  10. I remember when you first posted you were going to get a pug...In honor of the momentous b'day, I thought I'd repost it here. (P.S. Can you imagine if Oscar had been Virgil?!)

    Friday, September 20, 2002
    Pug Q. Puppy

    Aaron and I are seriously thinking about getting a pug puppy. Aaron is in touch with a lady whose pug is expecting a litter at the end of the month. We are going to go halfsies on him, which I think is a pretty good deal, because the pug would live with me.

    We were looking at names at the book store... here is a preliminary list....

    Stewart, Stuey, Spike, Bosley, Otis, Oscar, Flash, Rudy, Sparky, Parker, Abe, Bernard (pronounced Ber-nerd, like in Bridget Jone's Diary), Bruno, Buck, Bert, Carter, Cary, Cecil, Chase, Chip, Cliff, Cole, Como, Rory, Corky, Dewey, Dudley, Duncan, Elmer, Fritz, Lenny, Kenny, Gus, Lloyd, Monty, Morris, Murphy, Paxton, Percy, Porter, Ralph, Remy, Ridley, Rupert, Rueben, Shelby, Sully, Turner, Victor, Vincent (Vinny), Virgil, Wade, Walker, Wally, Walter, Wesley, Wilmer, Wilson, Winston, Winton, Winthrop, Clyde, Stanley.

    Any other thoughts?

  11. Time to wish Oscar the Dog a Happy BowWowWowwooo! He'll know what that means!

  12. My stars. He's even wearing a corsage.

    Happy birthday, Oscar!

  13. Oscar = cutest pug this side of the Mississippi. Makes me want to get one...

  14. Cool - I can make them this year for all the furry Christmas gifts. Thanks!