Friday, October 8, 2004

Aaron and I are leaving at the crack of dawn today to fly to Scotsdale, Arizona for the weekend. We are meeting his brother's family there and meeting our new niece.

I am hoping it is nice and warm for some pool lounging time.


  1. I wish you a safe voyage! Have fun!
    -la chica alta

  2. Have fun in Arizona! By the way.. Did you see that you were linked on (

    "Jenny of is one of the craftiest people on the Web. All of her craft and cooking projects are worth a look, but her Halloween food page is the best. The witch-finger cookies are so realistic and so creepy that I can't imagine eating one."

    How cool! =)

  3. WHAT? I live in Arizona. Chandler to be exact.You should have come to visit me!!

    Have fun and I hope you enjoy it. You definately won't need those jackets you've been sporting in those pics recently.

  4. I wish you the safest of trips! I too just traveled to the southwest, but that was to elope with my expecting bride at a small Las Vegas chapel. We brought my seven year old son and had a wonderful vactation of it. Enjoy!