Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I have had a crushing disapointment, as I have not been able to find a box of Boo Berry this Halloween season. There was a display at Target, but all that sat on the shelf was stupid ol' Count Chocula (no offence to Count Chocula fans). I checked at Wegmans for it and was probably heard mumbling my discontent when I bumped into a blog reader (Hey Stefani!) in the cereal aisle.

I managed to comfort myself with the new fangled drink contraption at Target called the Triple Flav. It's a cup with three compartments. Why choose just one flavor? Why choose just two flavors? Drown your Boo Berry sorrows in three sugary cold beverages! (We had grape blob, cherry rush and sprite with a raspberry shot)


  1. When I first glanced up and saw you, you did have the look of crushing disapointment on your face. I wondered to myself, "Gee, is this a bad time to introduce myself?" Then I thought, "The heck with Crushing Boo Berry Disapointment, I'm going to say hi!" Glad I did. Good luck on your search.

  2. We have plenty of Boo Berry here in VA! I can mail you some up if you would like. Email me at

  3. you posted about dessert sushi a long while ago, but i came across this website and thought you'd be interested. looks like you might be able to mimic it. too cute! good luck on the boo berry hunt!


  4. Oh my gosh - I've had one of those triple slushie cups in my cabinet for years now. I got it in some convenience store in Colorado. I've always intended to make a triple threat beverage like margarita/daqueri/pina colada or something but just haven't gotten around to it.

  5. you always make me miss wegman's. i lived within a mile of one in pa, but the closest one to us now is 6hrs away in va. i've at least gotten over the severe withdrawals, but i still miss it terribly! when we visit ma&pa inlaw, we always stock up. i've been on the lookout for the booberry for you, but haven't seen it.

    wouldn't those triple flav cups be great for frozen drink party? they'd go nice with that slurpee machine a friend of mine uses for frozen drinks, which rocks. speaking of which, i'm going to go look for one on ebay! :)