Wednesday, December 8, 2004

How timely. When I first heard about Spam Shirts, I thought it was t-shirts with cans of the pork shoulder and ham food product on them. Oh no... they are t-shirts with subject lines from email spam on them. You can enter your own or choose from their list.

Some recent ones I could make would be "Your application has been approved", "Save 80% on medication", "Re: Hi!" and of course "Marta Stewart".


  1. That sounds like a clever idea, but I don't think I want spam on my shirt or my computer! LOL

    Well, at least unless it is truly a Spam shirt. Hee hee


  2. I always get the "Enlarge Your Pe***" ones. My mom has been getting the Christian Debt Advisor ones. Da** Spam.

  3. I wish i could put more than 55 character on the shirt. I'd like to wear one with a response to the Nigerian banker with a recently deceased client and entire family that has with loads of money in the bank and needs me to be the "next of kin". Because that would be a cool shirt!

  4. OMG, that is freaking HILARIOUS!!!!!