Friday, December 17, 2004

Sometimes when the dirty dishes are out of control and the laundry is crawling out of the hamper, it helps to at least look the part. I think if I strapped on one of these aprons, I could handle any domestic crisis.


  1. I just received the 'Peppermint' apron as an xmas present and I loove it. Very retro and totally divine.

  2. At $70 a pop I'd be afraid to spill kitchen stuff on these hot little numbers :)

  3. I picked up a pattern for vintage aprons for 0.99$ at Joann Fabrics during one of their pattern sales. You get four or five apron patterns and all of them require less than 2 yards of fabric. The patterns are simple, so if you know how to follow a simple pattern, you can make your own vintage apron for about $6.00... 1/10 the price!

    I will have to get back to you on the company that makes the pattern. It is either Simplicity, Butterick, or Vogue. =)