Monday, January 24, 2005

Bangs are not a thing to be taken lightly. Once there, they don't just go away in a week whether you like them or not.

I was in need of a change, so I have been contemplating and fretting over a haircut for weeks. And scouring magazines for The Perfect Cut. My hairdresser laughed when I brought her a clipping featuring a model at a close up three quarter angle view WITH a hat on.

But I did it. I got some layers. I got some bangs.

At work this morning Joel looks at me and says "Your hair is getting long."
Me - "Aaaand?!"
Joel - "What?"
Me - I was at V's on Saturday! (we go to the same salon)
Joel - "Color?"
Me - *sigh* and *walk away*


  1. i think it looks tres sexy! very nice, those bangs are like a little tease. what did aaron think?

  2. Nice change. You went from adorable to "WOW!"

  3. I have always been partial to bangs - I don't think I've been without bangs in 30 years. You look so cute!

    Funny Joel didn't figure it out, I always think of him as so detail oriented.

    Then again I just had 3 inches cut off & went back to my natural color & my spouse didn't notice either.

  4. i like the bangs on you. it's nice to have a change every now and then.

    i want a change too, but no bangs for me....there is enough photographic evidence from the early nineties to deter me from ever going that route again. however, i am considering a colour change...hrm!

  5. Very cute! Be glad you didn't go the 'cut it yourself' route. (mutters...)

  6. Oooooo...the bangs look fantastic! Very flattering on you!

    It's always fun to make a change and I think bangs are a great way to go. I'm growing mine out right now but am enjoying the current longish, sideswept look of them so much I might keep them for a while.

    When I had my hair colored back to its original brown (a BIG change) I walked around work for two hours before anyone noticed. Humph.

  7. I got bangs cut last week too!! But everyone says I look like a 12 year old...but I like it.

  8. I once cut my hair ten inches, and my husband-boyfriend at that time-didn't notice! His defense was that I just went from really long hair (past my waist) to medium long hair (middle of my back) how was he supposed to notice?!?!

  9. I really like the bangs Jenny! It's a great look for you!

    - Matt

  10. Just to let everyone know...Yes, I likey the new doooooo!

  11. Nice. Kinda like Gene Simmons meets Phyllis Diller.